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Staff/Artist Hire Terms & Conditions


1. Enquiry/Booking T&Cs


2. Services/Productions


1. Enquiry/Booking Terms & Conditions


All enquiries in regards to Flash Mob Entertainment and Haus of Flash Ltd and our services will only be accepted through email to any contact made through our Facebook page or through the owner’s personal pages you will be advised to email us at the above address.
Phone inquiries will be dealt with but again further contact will be made over email. Phone enquiries need to be treated as verbal/basic questions as below.


All enquiries which are verbal or basic questions (phone or face to face) will only stand for 48 hours, formal written quotes are valid for 7 days and deposits on our invoices to secure your booking need to be made within 7 days from issue.
During these times you can expect our times, dates and services as well as our subcontractor's/artist's to be held for you, after this time we cannot guarantee that what has been discussed can still go ahead. We will send you one follow-up email as a reminder as your cut off time approaches, but please do not expect that we are able to fulfill your booking when your time has lapsed.


These new T&Cs have been put in place due to the increase in business and inquiries received over wedding/summer season and while we will always do all we can to accommodate your requests we do largely run on a first in, best dressed basis where the first secured booking gets to choose and any other booking for the same day will need to be worked around that one. With our multiple booths, we shouldn't have too much trouble but our subbies/artists are only one person so their time needs to be managed properly.


Thanks for taking the time to read this folks, its important people understand that we are unable to pencil in or hold bookings for anyone and our need to plan and organise the multiple events we attend is just as important as planning your own.




Please note below T&Cs and information in regards to all email and messenger communication with Flash Mob Entertainment and Haus of Flash Ltd:


“This e-mail and any attachments may contain confidential and privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately by return e-mail, delete this e-mail and destroy any copies. Any dissemination or use of the information contained by a person other than the intended recipient, or sharing the information to other persons or on public forums is unauthorised and may be illegal. Please note that this communication does not designate an information system for the purposes of the Electronic Transactions Act 2002.”




2. Services/Productions


The “Customer” agrees to the following terms & conditions of hire when booking our services from Flash Mob Entertainment, Haus of Flash Ltd, OUT & PROUD Taranaki Charitable Trust (“Company”).


Many of our services including DJs, bands, dancers, actors, and bar tenders and may be sub-contracted to the Company and all packaged deals and promotions can only be booked through Flash Mob Entertainment to access any discounts or add-ons.


All correspondence will occur between the Customer and the Company only with direct contact with the sub-contractor made where and when necessary.

All prices listed and quoted are EXCLUSIVE of GST.


All invoices are made to the Customer from the Company which includes the amount for the sub-contractor which the Company forwards to the sub-contractor. Payments are not to be made direct to the sub-contractor unless specifically arranged between the Customer and Company.


All special requests, changes to requirements or schedule should be relayed directly to the Company to be relayed to the sub-contractor, sub-contractors and staff are not authorised to make changes to bookings. Customers should contact the Company on 022 657 9624 and speak directly with Sunita if they wish to make any amendments, increase or change times or work outside of their agreed job description.


All additional Equipment hired in by the Company or provided by our sub-contractors follow the same conditions as outlined in the Photo Booth T&Cs section 9. No person can operate any piece of equipment if not authorised by the Company or sub-contractor. Any damages or loss during the purpose of the Customer’s hire (not caused by Flash Mob Entertainment staff/sub-contractors) will be compensated by the Customer.


If hiring a show, act or performance, the venue and organiser/Customer must give appropriate allowances for venue/site visits before finalising quotes, rehearsal space at the venue with the set up we would be working with prior to the event and adequate time with the full set up prior to going live for full dress and technical rehearsals. Appropriate and adequate dressing and holding rooms are required as well as light refreshments provided for cast and technical crew. If the venue does not have their own sound/lighting/staging equipment, this will need to be organised and arranged by the Company with a quote and finalisation provided to the Customer who will need to cover the costs for labour and hireage. Please understand that quotes for shows will usually be just for the production, cast, costuming and props for the show. All venue, technical, catering and any other requirements must be covered by the Customer unless expressly arranged with the Company to arrange on Customer’s behalf and included in the quotation.


If Customer requests or agrees upon out of town acts through the Company, these will come under the Company and travel, accommodation and other expenses will be negotiated and agreed upon before performer contracts are finalised.


It is agreed that the Company and the sub-contractor can advertise their business by way of posters, banners or signs within the allocated area of operation and including uniforms and clothing worn for non-wedding bookings. Branding for weddings will be in staff uniforms and on any machinery, instruments or equipment which is permanent.


For corporate clients, please ensure you have our latest bank account, GST and contact details according to the invoice we send to you. Any fees or charges due to incorrect information used will not be the responsibility of the Company. If there is a process involved with registering as a provider and filling out paperwork, obtaining purchase order numbers, please ensure this is clearly communicated and provided BEFORE invoice is issued. If Witholding Tax is a condition of booking, a 20% fee will apply to the total invoice additional to GST.


Please ensure that we have been given the best contact for venue or organiser to make setup, sound check, rehearsal arrangements.


Once the deposit is paid or written confirmation for comp/free jobs is provided to the Company, the Customer is deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions of hire.

3.  Health & Safety

All of our staff and performers will be complying with all Government regulated conditions and will also comply with other such rules and laws that may coincide with the venue, location, owner, festival director, alcohol and traffic management.


UPDATED: 29/05/2023

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