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Performance artist Nocturness is unsettlingly sexy with her Avant-garde style of burlesque. Her ritualistic stage presence and abstract imagery derive from personal experience.


Confronting as she may be, her primary motivation is not to disturb or offend you, but to use her flesh vessel as an outlet for her inner psyche.


While Nocturness is well known in Aotearoa for her horror based performance art, she is in fact, multi-faceted! She will wow a crowd with stunning costumes in classy classics perfect for the corporate world. Each of her acts are completely realised and polished down to detail. From gore, to glitz and glamour, she has it all! With her statuesque height, and ample assets, she’ll have you eating out the palm of her hand.


Nocturness frequently lends her flesh as a canvas for body painters and SPFX artists. Nocturness says; "channelling the creatures of the artists is a great honour, and is one my favourite ways to perform"


In 2016 Nocturness founded ‘Nocturne Sanctum’ wherein she directs and produces Avant-Garde performance events, "the events are a place for the performers, and spectators, to exercise their demons. And I don't mean to banish the demons.., I mean to take them out for a walk"

Follow Nocturness's Facebook page here.

To book Nocturness for performance, or roaming model, please complete this online booking form.

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