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Public Show and Event Terms & Conditions



Flash Mob Entertainment, Haus of Flash Ltd, OUT & PROUD Taranaki Charitable Trust (the "Company")


1. Ticketing


All ticketing for the Company's events are through reputable ticketing agents. Each event will be promoted through Facebook and the valid ticket link will be included to follow. 


All tickets are non-refundable unless the event is cancelled, refund may be offered for change in lineup, postponement or date change but not for delayed timing, change of mind or Customer not fitting within the conditions of entry for the event and refunds will be offered in event of postponement or change in date with the option for full refund or transfer to new date.


Customers are requested to bring tickets either printed or bring up the tickets on your phone for scanning or giving the correct booking details to door staff who hold the door list.


Please do not purchase tickets from unknown persons or third-party websites such as Viagogo. You may be refused entry if you have an invalid ticket and we will not be responsible for any money exchanged outside of our authorised sales. Names and entry IDs must match due to contact tracing so please contact the Company if you are reselling tickets so we can do the necessary checks and changes.


2. Conditions of Entry


All of our events will clearly state the nature of the event and the age restrictions to ensure the Customer is well advised. If you need further information please direct this to the Company.


The Company and the venue will work within current and local licensing in regards to sale of liquor, intoxication and age restrictions. This may include the removal of persons that are intoxicated or underage with no refund.


Any Customer attending the show must display decent and appropriate behaviour. Abusive, annoying, lewd, harassing (verbal/sexual/violent) behaviour directed toward the Company's staff and volunteers, sub-contractors/artists/performers, other audience members and venue or partnership personnel will not be tolerated and may result in the removal of the persons involved with no refund and possible ban from future events.


If any Customer should feel unsafe, annoyed or threatened by any other Customer at an event, please do approach the Company's staff immediately so we can ensure your night is not ruined and you can continue to enjoy our events. We can’t always see what is happening and really appreciate our attention to be brought to it for immediate resolve.


Please respect the rules and instruction from venue and sub-contractors staff. If you feel they are being unjust or unfair please come see the Company's staff so we can look into it for you. We cannot override and overrule decisions they make that are within policy but we are happy to help clarify the situation. This includes the conduct and handling of issues relating to health and safety.


The Company, the venue and our sub-contractors will not be held responsible for lost, damaged or stolen belongings at our events. We are happy to take in found property and information about lost property. This should be given to our ticketing/door staff.

We are proudly an LGBTQIA+ business and therefore any anti-social, transphobic, homophobic behaviour will result in the immediate removal of the person and blacklisting from all future events. No refunds or compensations will be given. Some events are specific for this community and if your presence causes discomfort, this will also apply.


3. Complaints/Feedback


We really appreciate your feedback to help improve our future events. Creating these events take a lot of work and trust in other businesses, people and contractors and on the night we are all so busy focusing on our own roles we don’t often notice where things may not be to standard and would really value you approaching us and letting us know if something needs our attention so we can sort it out right there and then. Once the event is finished it is hard for us to gather the evidence and check it out and do quality control. Constructive feedback is vital to our business!


Please do contact the Company privately in the first instance for possible resolution rather than going straight to social media and public forums. We have plenty of amazing staff at our events who will either help on the spot or find the appropriate manager to assist you. Your enjoyment is why we do this, so we don’t want anything preventing this.


4. Additional Services at Events


On occasion we may include or provide optional extra services to our events. This may include transport, catering, private/additional performances, photography and videography, workshops and mini-events.


All of these fit within our Terms & Conditions and all Customers must also agree to these.
Additional costs may be involved and will be clearly advertised.


Please be advised that at all events there may be photography and videography which may show the Audience and Customers. If you have any issue with your image being put on social media, on the internet, in print or digitally, please approach the operator or the Company's staff so we can do what we can to avoid capturing your image. Please note that this does not include using our photo booth or posed photos with our performers, entering our photo booth is automatic acceptance of our photo booth terms and conditions.


If you have dietary requirements or allergies, please ensure you have advised the Company of this a minimum of 7 days prior to the event so we can make the arrangements. Any severe allergies we will not be able to cater to unfortunately as we cannot guarantee the environment of the venue or the kitchen the food was made in so trace allergens may be present. We will exercise as much care as we can and pass this on to those that need to know but we cannot guarantee your safety.


5. Health & Safety


The venue will always have a health and safety policy in place including evacuation procedures in emergencies and first aid providers. Please do listen to the MC or read the screens or find notices around the venue prior to the start of the event for this information so you know what to do.


Covid-19 or any other pandemic, we will actively follow and enforce Government regulations including contact tracing, capacity rules. In some cases this may mean that we cannot run an event and will offer a transfer to the next event or refunds to those that have purchased tickets. Please ensure you do follow our requests and rules at all times as we do have the right to refuse entry or remove any person that breaches these.


In many cases the Company have advanced qualified and trained staff onsite for your safety.


Please ensure you exercise common sense and personal safety too. Do not leave valuables, belongings, drinks and food unattended.

We will also be complying all local liquor licensing laws and regulations so please ensure if you do drink you are not driving and please do not enter a car with someone who has been drinking, please do approach the venue or Flash Mob staff for help with alternative transport options and help.

6.  Covid-19 and other pandemics

We will be fully complying with all of the rules and requirements set out by the Government at the time of the event.

Should we move to a level whereby we are limited by capacity, we may make changes to the event to accommodate holding two smaller shows in the same night. Please check our Facebook pages often for updates and ensure we have your valid email address during ticketing to make contact.


7. Communication


Please note below T&Cs and information in regards to all email and messenger communication with the Company:


“This e-mail and any attachments may contain confidential and privileged information. If you are not the intended recipient, please notify the sender immediately by return e-mail, delete this e-mail and destroy any copies. Any dissemination or use of the information contained by a person other than the intended recipient, or sharing the information to other persons or on public forums is unauthorised and may be illegal. Please note that this communication does not designate an information system for the purposes of the Electronic Transactions Act 2002.”

We will not tolerate any anti-social, abusive, negative behaviour on social media, we will remove these comments, block you from the page and blacklist you. We are about spreading joy and entertainment. Your personal views and opinions are not welcome if they insult or harm another person. None of our events are compulsory and you will never be forced to attend.


The Company can be contacted at or 022 657 9624

UPDATED: 29/05/2023

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